Two new features! Thanksgiving! Awesome!

First off, Happy Thanksgiving! Everyone can find some special Thanksgiving themed treats in their mailbox. Enjoy!

I also added two new major features in preparation for the Slags quest. They’re just frameworks now, but please hammer at them, give feedback, and see if you can shake out any bugs.

  • There are now furnishing items which can be placed in your house. There are two of these as of right now. The TV is implemented now and the Chemistry Kit… well, you’ll see in a sec.
  • Crafting is also in. For the moment there are only a few Chemistry recipes, but these include a powerful caffeine and a new Technique, so it might be worth your while. Experimentation isn’t in yet, but is the next step.

Like I said, feedback and weird bugs welcome. Both housing and crafting will be expanded dramatically, but these are the first tentative Beta feelers.


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