We’ve got a lot of bug fixes this time. Perhaps unsurprisingly, most of them reflect the new battlefields out in the Net.

  • Corrected a bug allowing use of arbitrary tools in Net Combat. Big thanks to Al for this one.
  • The Viral Reformatter is properly closing access to the reformatted site. Thanks Cryptodynamic and Argeth!
  • Enemy information should be immediately updated on successful use of the Viral Reformat tool. Good catch, DerMagus!
  • Zack now has a conversation option for the Zalian Defense Tool. Thanks for pointing that out, Arkaim.
  • The arms dealer in the VIP Room will no longer sometimes give away free crates of goodies. Thanks Smokestack!
  • Using Cover Fire underwater will no longer result in uncontrollable urges to gnaw the flesh of one’s enemies. Thanks for the bug report, BigBellyJarelli!

Also thanks to Cryptodynamic, elliotbay, Argeth, and rxzambrana for pointing out some typos.


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