About the Devs

Kinak, more properly known as Landon Winkler, is the main developer for Metroplexity Games. He handles all of the coding, the writing for Metroplexity, the art for Twilight Heroes, and other crazy stuff.

His real passion is tabletop RPGs, which hopefully shines through in games like Metroplexity, as some of the freedom you get with a GMed game shines through and player feedback ends up baked right into the game. But coding is fun too. And coming up twisted mysteries for you all to solve. And, of course, cosmic horror.

Landon also writes for some Pathfinder-compatible products, including as line developer for the Shadows over Vathak horror setting with Fat Goblin Games. If you want to check out his tabletop products, there’s a full list on Boardgame Geek.

Puyo is the secret, unsung hero of the devteam. She does all the art for Metroplexity including the maps, opponents, techniques, and items.

There’ll be more details here if Puyo gives permission to post them :)

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